Linkee 2.8

The board game goes mobile

Four little questions. One big link.

Linkee is a trivia game quiz app where you have to work out the answers to four questions, then use your lateral thinking ability to figure out what word links the 4 answers. Guess answers and guess the one link - put your abstract thinking to the test.


The hit board game as seen on Dragon's Den now available in the App Store.

"We're confident the app will be as much of a hit as the board game has been",


Yep, Linkee is now in app form and it’s just as simple, addictive and fun as its bigger ‘board game’ brother.

This cheeky little single-player version of the classic game is packed with 240 beautifully-crafted Linkees for you to solve. Simply answer the four questions, then work out what links those answers and shout LINKEE! (If you’re in a public place you might not want to go full volume to avoid scaring people.)

If you get stuck you can swipe for answers or buy hints and letters. The less help you need, the more coins you earn to spend another day.

Who will be the first to complete Linkee and become an instant Linkee legend? It could be you.

Linkee up Cowboys and let’s ride.

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